Process Domain 2

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Question 1
A project manager is performing activities associated with the Plan Procurement Management process. He is attempting to determine, along with the relevant subject matter experts, whether it makes more sense to develop internally or purchase a deliverable.
What tools or methods can he use to produce a successful outcome?

Question 2
Sela is currently facilitating the estimating process to calculate the duration of the project’s activities. Sela knows that she has reliable information and is therefore planning on using an estimating technique that will yield a highly accurate estimate with minimal effort expended.
What estimating technique is she planning on using?

Question 3
The project sponsor asks you to increase budget estimates by 25 percent to ensure that the project has enough funds budgeted.
What should you do?

Question 4
You are the Project Manager for medical project . You are trying to forecast estimates for the final phase of the project you are currently working on. Based on the performance of the project to date, which formula can be used to estimate the total value of the project when completed, assuming similar variances will not occur?

Question 5
What does a Cost Performance Index (CPI) equal 1.0 indicate?

Question 6
You are a project manager who is in charge of an important project for your company. The project is 40 percent complete after three months and has cost $350,000. The budget for the project is $950,000 and is scheduled to last eight months.
How is the project performing?

Question 7
In Agile lifecycles, such as the agile approach for product development, requirements are documented as user stories that are then prior to construction.

Question 8
Aseel is the project manager of a large project. During the Determine Budget process, she identifies that contingency reserves need to be set up for unplanned but potentially necessary changes that could result from realized risks identified in the risk register.
Which of the following is true about reserves?

Question 9
Which of the following represents a benefit of using an Agile approach to manage projects?

Question 10
Which of the following statements accurately describes how the completion of project scope and the completion of product scope are measured?

Question 11
The on-demand scheduling approach used in agile environments is based on the theory-of-constraints and pull-based scheduling concepts from lean manufacturing to limit a team’s work in progress.
This is also called:

Question 12
Which of the following is an example of a chart, used on agile projects, that tracks the work that remains to be completed in the iteration backlog?

Question 13
Bottom-up Cost estimating is typically motivated by the size and complexity of:

Question 14
A project manager used the services of a trained moderator during the Collect Requirements process. Which of the following is likely to have required the services of a trained moderator?

Question 15
Which of the Project Schedule Management processes involves identifying and documenting dependencies among schedule activities?

Question 16
Suzan is managing a website development project in an agile environment. She wants to create a burndown chart to present the project’s progress to the stakeholders. She adds a diagonal line representing the ideal burndown and a line for daily actual remaining work. She now needs to show the likely variance at the iteration completion.
What should she do?

Question 17
At project status meeting, all attendees receive a dashboard of cost metrics for each project, and each project manager is presenting the status of his or her project. The metrics for one project show a BAC of$1100, an EV of $998, and an EAC of $1099. However, the project manager is reporting an ETC of $354.
What do you do?

Question 18
You are the project manager responsible for building a 100,000-square- foot data center. One of the scheduled activities in your plan is to install the Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units. However, before beginning the installation of the units, a raised floor must be installed for the units to bolt to.
This is an example of what type of dependency?

Question 19
You are a project manager for Groceries ’R’ Us, a supermarket chain, and are currently working on a project to build a new outlet. The planned values (PV) for the foundation and the frame were $150,000 and$500,000. After five months, you do a performance measurement analysis. You are currently not ahead of schedule. The actual costs for the foundation and frame were $175,000 and $650,000. At this point, 100 percent of the foundation is complete, and only 80 percent of the frame is complete.
Which value represents the cost performance index (CPI) to two decimal places at this point in the project?

Question 20
You are meeting with your stakeholders to gather requirements for your project. You are well aware that requirements to be gathered include both product and project requirements.
All the following tools can be used to gather, define, and analyze project requirements from stakeholders except:

Question 21
You are managing a project that has a task to translate several pages of a document into Spanish. This is similar to a project done last year when a document was translated into German. You are not sure how long it will take to translate into Spanish, so you look at the project plan from the German translation and use that activity duration for your current project.
What type of estimating is this an example of?

Question 22
Mido, a project manager for software Inc., has a project with a group of inexperienced programmers that will develop a software package that creates Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for a chemical company. This situation strongly resembles a project his colleague, Peter, worked on in 2006.
If Mido needs to come up with a rough order of magnitude estimate, what tool or technique should he use?

Question 23
You use a predictive approach to managing projects and have just completed your cost baseline. Next, you begin working on determining funding requirements. Which of the following is true?

Question 24
In the earned value management technique, the cost performance baseline is:

Question 25
A contractor is currently constructing a new building for your organization on a cost-plus-incentive contract. You just received the project status report from the contractor’s project manager. According to the report, the project’s CPI is 1.5. you are shocked because you believe the project cost are out of control. Upon investigation, you learn the $1 million advance payment (20 percent of the estimated project cost) given to the contractor at the start of the project was included in the project’s earned value. Further, the cost of the inventory at the project site was excluded from the total actual costs. According to the contract, your company reimburses only the costs for the completed deliverables and not for the supplies in the project’s inventory.
In this scenario, the reported project’s CPI is incorrect because:

Question 26
You are managing an industrial project that involves many mechanical, electrical, and IT staff. Your team prepared a schedule network diagram using duration estimates with dependencies and constraints. Your team also calculated the critical path for the project using late and early values. Today, your project office has indicated to you that some of the resources you had planned for the project will be unavailable. To deal with this, you explore the possibility of modifying the schedule to account for limited resources.
What is your best possible step in such a situation?

Question 27
Which of the following statements is incorrect?

Question 28
Lucy is a project manager   as part of her practice, she sits down with her sponsor to regularly evaluate how the project is performing. In their most recent meeting, they analyze whether sufficient contingency and management reserves remain. What technique is Carina using?

Question 29
All of the following are Agile and Lean frameworks except for which one?

Question 30
Alex is a project management guru hired by a retail giant in your country. Alex finds out there is a wide array of projects that need to be managed from a central PMO; from a number of small projects to large initiatives requiring long-term roadmaps to manage the development of these programs.
What project management approach should be recommended for such projects?

Question 31
Mandatory dependencies are those that are inherent in the nature of the work being done. They often involve physical limitations, such as on a construction project when it is impossible to erect the superstructure until the foundation is built.
According to the PMBOK, a mandatory dependency is also:

Question 32
The cost estimates for a project are in the range of +/- 5 %. What phase is the project likely to be in?

Question 33
A project manager is performing closing activities and is getting ready to release project resources. What document can they reference for guidance on how resources are to be released?

Question 34
Agile release planning provides a high-level summary timeline of the release schedule based on the project roadmap. Agile release planning also determines the number of iterations required for the product development.
These iterations are also known as:

Question 35
One of your stakeholders asking you ,which of the following is an output of the Create WBS process?

Question 36
Which of the following is an agile prototyping technique showing sequence or navigation through a series of images or illustrations:

Question 37

Two stakeholders are out of town on a business trip and are available sporadically. A third person has an extremely busy schedule and can't squeeze another lengthy meeting into his day. You believe it's important to have regular face-to-face interaction with each stakeholder.

How can you accommodate their needs? (Choose two.)

Question 38
Which of the following best describes overall project risk?

Question 39
A project manager is estimating project costs and needs to decide whether the estimates will include direct costs only or include indirect costs, as well. In which of the following phases does this decision need to take place?

Question 40
You are running one week behind on a project due to a late delivery by a vendor. You are forced to compress your project schedule due to a government-mandated end date that constrains your project. After meeting with your team, the decision is to work several tasks in parallel that were scheduled to be run consecutively. This is an example of:

Question 41
Costs incurred in one area of a project can offset costs in another area of the same project. However, it is not enough to consider only the costs of project execution when making project decisions.
What other costs external to the project must also be considered?

Question 42
Crashing is an effective schedule compression technique at times when a project is struggling behind schedule. However, increasing the number of resources to twice the original number of the resources does not always cut the time by half. This is due to:

Question 43
As part of Define Activities, you are looking at dependencies used to define the sequence among the activities.
Which of these is not a valid type of dependency?

Question 44
A project manager has just closed out a procurement, which produced the final deliverable of the project. What is the project manager likely to do next?

Question 45
A project has the highest probability of completing successfully at which stage of the project?

Question 46
Any project has one or more phase. Which of the following statements is not accurate about the initial phase of a project?

Question 47
Your manager is presenting a status report of all projects being run in his division. He reports that all projects are showing a positive CV. However, you know that your status reports for the last several weeks have been reporting a negative CV.
What do you do?

Question 48
As you are project manager you have to know ,The most and lowest detailed level of the WBS is the ---------------------

Question 49
You are working with your customers on completing deliverables in your electronic parts manufacturing project. Since these parts will be exported to other countries, they will need more testing before your customers accept them.
In this scenario, which of the following statements about the completed deliverables is correct?

Question 50
As part of your latest project, you use an approach that yields frequent smaller deliverables throughout the span of the project. What type of project life cycle are you using?

Question 51
Breaking down project activities into smaller components in order to obtain a more accurate cost estimate and then aggregating the estimates of the lower-level components is:

Question 52
A technique that calculates multiple project durations with different sets of activity assumptions and variables is:

Question 53
Which of the following best describes the purpose of carrying out activities associated with planning stakeholder engagement?

Question 54
In the WBS there is a management control point where scope, budget and schedule are integrated and compared to earned value for performance measurement is a:

Question 55
A project involved development of a high-speed, hard disk drive. As part of its testing, the hard disk was subjected to continuous operation at a high speed and an elevated temperature.
At the end of the test, the hard disk was destroyed beyond use. The cost of such testing is usually classified as:

Question 56
A project manager prepared quantitative assessments of the probable costs required to complete a project and produced activity cost estimates. He or she also prepared some supporting detail for these estimates.
Which of the following would not be a supporting detail for cost estimates?

Question 57
There are two activities on your schedule: 1) Install server in lab, and 2) Move server into the data center. However, the second task cannot start until the server has run in the lab for five days without failure. This is an example of what?

Question 58
A technical team can begin to edit a large document 15 days after it begins writing it. What kind of dependency would this represent?

Question 59
While managing a large project, the project manager decided to include indirect costs as part of his cost estimate. If indirect costs are included in an estimate, which of the following is true?

Question 60
Your project has total earned value (EV) is $120,000 and the actual amount spent (AC) is $115,000 what is the cost variance of the project?