Process Domain 1

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Question 1
A project uses rounding of activity cost estimates data to the nearest $100, uses staff hours as the unit of measure for resources, and has a variance threshold of 10 percent deviation from the baseline plan.
These approaches are typically documented in the:

Question 2
A product owner attends a session with the team and other key stakeholders to review a demonstration of the deliverable produced.
What is the frequency of this type of meeting when following an iteration-based Agile approach?

Question 3
You are the project manager and You’re working on the procurement documents for the computer software program ,You’ve decided to contract with a professional services company that specializes in writing custom software programs. You want to minimize the risk to the organization and want a well-defined set of deliverables for a set price.
You have agreed to pay the vendor a bonus if they complete the program at least 30 days earlier than scheduled, so you’ll opt for which contract type?

Question 4
A project manager facilitates a meeting to provide updated information regarding the progress of the project.
What type of meeting is this?

Question 5
You are the project manager responsible for building a 100,000-square- foot data center. One of the scheduled activities in your plan is to install the Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units. However, a raised floor must be installed in the data center before installation of the units can begin.
This is an example of what type of precedence relationship?

Question 6
The agile technique of on-demand scheduling is not suitable when

Question 7

If earned value = 500, planned value = 700, and actual costs = 450, what is the cost variance?

Question 8
Once a project’s business case has been approved, what should be done next?

Question 9
Variance analysis refers to cost performance measurements used to determine the magnitude of variation in comparison to the original cost baseline.
What is the trend on the percentage range of acceptable variances as the project progresses?

Question 10
As per Quality rule , Which of these statements is true?

Question 11

A project manager is carrying out activities associated with the Manage Communications process. What result will these activities produce?

Question 12
Which of the following project management documents records challenges, problems, realized risks, and opportunities?

Question 13
Sela is a product owner responsible for the company’s IT project .During an afternoon working session, she works with the team to review user stories in preparation for the next sprint. Her intention is to ensure the team knows enough about the stories and how large they are in relation to each other.
What activity is Sela performing?

Question 14
Maintaining good supplier relationships should be important to all project managers. A good buyer-seller relationship is a partnership that results in a win-win situation that nurtures both parties.
Which of the following is both a short-and long-term benefit of treating a supplier with courtesy, honesty, and fairness?

Question 15
Loay is managing the development of an e-commerce website for his organization. Loay enjoys coercive powers. He has assigned Julie, a project team member, to facilitate the team meetings.
During any team meeting, Julie must:

Question 16
When is a project considered successful?

Question 17
After meeting with several subject-matter experts, the project manager determines that the project phases will need to occur one after the other.
What project life cycle is the project manager using?

Question 18
You are working on the risk management plan for your current project and need to document how the risk activities will be recorded for the benefit of future projects.
Which part of the risk management plan addresses these issues?

Question 19
The project sponsor emails the project manager urgently requesting the latest measurement of cumulative work performed, expressed in terms of the approved budget. The sponsor notes that they must have this information by end of day to prepare for a critical meeting the next morning.
What information is the sponsor looking for?

Question 20
You are project manager for industrial project one of your team member asking you that measuring the quality of items in a sample on a pass/fail basis is:

Question 21

As part of earned value management (EVM), a project manager is calculating the to-complete performance index (TCPI) based on EAC. The data he has is as follows: The budget at completion for the project is $100,000. The earned value for the project is $25,000. The actual costs to date are $40,000, and the estimate at completion is $115,000.

What is the TCPI that he will get?

Question 22
Lucy leads a PMO that is in the process of shifting the organization from using predictive to more adaptive approaches to delivering project outcomes. While coaching one of her project managers on Agile practices, she explains that Agile teams focus on rapid product development.
What reason is Lucy likely to provide for carrying out this approach?

Question 23

Match the term with its definition.

Question 24
The project manager controls the interfacing and overlapping areas of the organization’s procurement processes, along with the project schedule, with processes from this area:

Question 25
Which of the following statements regarding Resource Leveling and Resource Smoothing is correct:

Question 26
A short, time-bound period of work is also referred to as which of the following?

Question 27
Florian is a project manager on a team that follows separate phases for each project, starting with a requirements phase followed by a design phase. Some work can begin on the code before the requirements and design are finished, but the team typically doesn’t consider any work to be complete until those phases are finished.
Which term BEST describes Florian's projects?

Question 28
On-demand scheduling is one of the techniques used in agile environments. This type of scheduling _ resources become available work from backlog as

Question 29
What is most important for your agile team to continuously focus on?

Question 30
A project manager works with the project team to identify lessons learned. The information captured will then be archived and summarized within the project’s final report.
What activity is the project team engaged in?

Question 31
You are a project manager for Construction project . To date, You have identified risks, analyzed them, and developed risk responses for your project. Now, you and the team are executing the work and responding to risk triggers.
What project management artifact will they need?

Question 32
Which of the following statements BEST describes the Agile Manifesto?

Question 33
Your construction project is in execution, and you require a major change to one of your supplier agreements. Can you directly make this change with mutual consent of the supplier during the Control Procurements process, or do you have to visit the Perform Integrated Change Control process, as well?

Question 34
What is the formalized document called that identifies 12 principles of the Agile approach?

Question 35
Sela is a project manager tasked with putting together the project charter for a project, Sela is likely to include all of the following elements within the project charter except for which one?

Question 36
A project manager is analyzing the relationship between the consumption of project funds and the work being accomplished for such expenditures.
In which project management process would this be done?

Question 37
You have a schedule activity that can be delayed without delaying the early start date of any subsequent activities.
This is an example of:

Question 38
A project manager facilitated a meeting with the product manager and project team to discuss the results of the latest iteration. As part of the meeting, the project manager also reviewed the budget consumed to date on the project, highlighting appraisal costs.
Which of the following best describes appraisal costs?

Question 39
A project manager has just wrapped up a successful project in an environment that uses a streamlined hybrid approach to project delivery.
Who is responsible for writing the project’s final report?

Question 40
A Scrum master facilitates a monthly session with the team to discuss what went well in the latest sprint, what could have gone better, and what they will commit to improving in the next sprint.
This meeting is referred to as a:

Question 41
Suzan is a project manager. She has evaluated certain responses from prospective sellers and wants to select a contract model that will transfer risk to the seller.
Which of the following should she select in order to achieve this?

Question 42
Your project sponsor has reviewed the initial project schedule you created for the project. He is not happy with the project end date because it doesn’t match the promise date he gave the customer. You decide to use some compression techniques first.
Which of the following statements should you keep in mind (and know to be true) regarding duration compression?

Question 43
Which of the following best describes the purpose of the Monitoring and Controlling process group?

Question 44
A project manager feels the need of updating one of the project supplier contracts to meet the project’s current needs. However, before any change requests, the project manager must know the right process to incorporate a change into this specific contract.
What should he do first?

Question 45
Lucy is a project manager, While managing the execution of the project team’s work, she notices that two critical activities are delayed and decides to speak to the project sponsor.
What action are Lucy and the project sponsor likely to take?

Question 46
A project manager is in the process of assembling the final report of the project.
What project document are they likely to reference to view the completion date of major project deliverables?

Question 47

Projects that combine elements of different life cycles to achieve a specific goal are said to use what type of project life cycle?

Question 48
20 percent of the work was completed in a project. At this stage, the project manager determined that the budget at completion (BAC) was no longer viable and developed a forecasted estimate at completion (EAC).
What index can the project manager use to look at the calculated projection of cost performance that must be achieved on the remaining work?

Question 49
Projects are often started as a result of an external factor such as market demand for a new product, a new legislative or regulatory mandate, or a change in technology.
This results in the creation of or organization external to the project

Question 50
Analysis of project spending against project budget and calculation of the percentage complete of tasks currently underway are examples of:

Question 51
Which of these is accurate regarding the Develop Schedule process?

Question 52
A construction project requires that government environmental hearings be held prior to site preparation.
What kind of dependency is this?

Question 53
You are a project manager of medical project and you recently finalized and published the scope. A key subject-matter expert on your team asks to see the list of acceptance criteria.
What document will you reference to get this information?

Question 54
Risk strategy, methodology, and risk-related roles and responsibilities are all elements of what?

Question 55
Agile project management can best be described as which of the following?

Question 56
You are the project manager ,As you move into the final closing stages of the project, you review communications generated for and by stakeholders as a method of analyzing feedback.
What document will you reference to review this feedback?

Question 57
Project costs are estimated for all project activities and are aggregated to establish a cost baseline.
Which of the following statements about the cost baseline is not true?

Question 58

Contract phases are closely related to the Project Procurement Management Knowledge Area processes.

Which of the following are true? (Select three.)

Question 59
You are the project manager for a Fortune 100 IT company, and you are currently engaged in an important project. You want to choose the best contractor for a specialized task.
What should you do to evaluate potential contractors?

Question 60
Which of the following characteristics do all project life cycles share?